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Weta- Dr Grordbert’s Righteous Bison review and pics

OK, I know I'm usually more into 1/6th, but it would seem my forebears had more of a thing for firearms.

The full review is sited here- [sign in to see URL]

And all the usual fun and info can be found here- [sign in to see URL]

Including Mikes lowdown on two new Harry Potter busts- [sign in to see URL]

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Boatswain Cornelius Carruthers Parker IV
Diary entry 13/02/1901

Ever since that blighted invasion attempt by the Martians not five years since, this planet Earth, this tiny blue gem floating in space that we call home has become a changed place… and not all of it for the better!

I still remember fondly those days when we were all happy in our own little worlds, with our own little beliefs and credo’s. But the invasion put paid to all that. Innocence and blind faith were lost forever as soon as that first cylinder crashed into the park!

For a time we believed all was lost, our homes, and indeed the very ways of our existence, however diverse, were gone forever. The rout of civilisation, the massacre of mankind was a sobering call to us all. A call none could ignore.

I know not of one family that wasn’t deeply affected by the invasion, we all lost someone or something on that fateful day and in the ensuing chaos that followed. But with hindsight we also gained so much… Oh so very much!

I for one would gaze to the stars in my childhood, but I never expected to be travelling amongst them, but now, harnessing the might of the abandoned Martian technology, I have travelled to worlds and met peoples that I would nought have thought possible just a few short years ago. The very crafts we now use are all devised from that ungodly science delivered unto us by the unsightly stinking creatures that sought to make us their slaves… or worse! And harnessing their ships and weapons we now find ourselves veritable masters of all we survey. Pushing the British empire ever forward. Now not just encompassing our world, but oh so many others.
When I was first conscripted as the boatswain to serve under Lord Cockswain aboard Queen Victoria and Albert, I was offered a choice of sidearm, all were effective in different fields of combat, but I knew I would need a robust, and, all importantly, a powerful weapon. One I could comfortably wear on my hip, but also one that could stop a charging Dragophant at 50 paces, and the only, and I mean only, weapon that could fill those boots was the Righteous Bison.

Dr. Grordbort was something of a legend, he had seen his entire family smited by the Martian weapons, and eyewitnesses claim to have seen him scale a moving tripod, and use nought but a slab of stone to smash its deathly heat-ray from its casing and then bring it down and use it against the very craft he had taken it from. And not just one craft, in that one morning it is claimed he single-handedly brought down over five of their vessels using that one particle smasher.

(MWC note: I'm impressed that Jeff's grandfather was such a visionary that he included a hyperlink to the Weta website in his diary entry. The man was truly ahead of his time.)

But it was at that moment that the tide turned. The Martians were apparently unguarded against many of the common germs our immune systems dealt with every day, and so their plan to rule our world began to crumble. For not only were they dying at the hands of the micro-organisms that lived and bred within us, but also Dr. Grordbort had managed to reverse-engineer the particle smasher, not only making it more compact, but also ten times more powerful.

The Martians had messed not only with the wrong planet… but certainly with the wrong country, and they had made an enemy of the wrong man!

And so my friends I offer up to you the Righteous Bison (RB), a weapon I found to be most effective in many of the situations I found myself in, situations I hope no other man will ever find him self in.

I’ve had to make questionable decisions under my watch, decisions that lead to the deaths of a few, but hopefully the salvation of many. But whatever choice I made, be it right or wrong, I was always immeasurably grateful to Dr Grordbort for giving me the Righteous Bison to have by my side. And I fear if I hadn’t had it, not only would I be dead, but you would not be alive to read this now. Peace to you all, my fellow humans. Amen.

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