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I found this in BBTS:

Rider VCD 35$ I have it and is very cool. I don't know how many people here collect VCDs, this one is quite nice.

Magneto 49$ I'm not a big fan of their marvel line, but I know a lot of people are.

Cyclops 99$ again... not a big fan.

as Punisher [sign in to see URL] not my cup of tea

Jango Fett 99$ now this one I do own, great figure, although if you look at it too much it is gonna disintegrate so handle with care.

Same as with the VCDs I don't know if someone collects Kustomz from Gentle Giant?, I have the Speederbike and it is a great sculpt. Well they have it on sale, and the tie fighter also (which I still don't have) both go for 35$.


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