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Half price shipping at AmiAmi for February 2010

The subject line says it all!

They are quite good and the prices are very good. They are my preferred e-tailer these days for most of my Figma, Revoltech, Chogokin and Bandai stuffs.

Unfortunately, the knocks against them are:

1. PayPal only.
2. So many people use them they sell out of red hot figures quite quickly
3. Their shipping costs are high as they ship only by EMS or SAL Registered (if it's a small shipment).
4. No cancellation, kinda like eBay, when you hit checkout you better mean it.
5. Similar to HLJ, they will ship when an item is in stock so they might ship you a parcel today and two days later ship you another parcel, absolutely killing you on shipping. D'oh!

However, pros include:
1. You will usually still save a few dollars over other e-tailers as their discounts are so high usually, even factoring in the higher shipping.
2. Good customer service so long as you raise an issue within 7 days.
3. Big shipments usually arrive sooner because it's by EMS.

This is their English site:
English Site
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