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MEZCO - ONE:12 Collective - THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - Batman

Hi everyone, I finally cracked open my Mezco ONE:12 Collective TDKR Batman figure and wanted to share my thoughts.

I have only opened the regular release, though I bought all three variants of the figure: the regular one is the black caped version, then there is a blue caped version (with an oval yellow bat chest emblem), and finally a dark blue caped version that is only from Mezco's web site (to my knowledge). The first two figures come with slightly different accessories, but I think the Mezco exclusive figure is the most complete package and comes with all accessories.

First of all, it is a great figure with lots of accessories, an extra head, display stand with poseable arm, and a nice outfit. The figure body feels really sturdy with lots of great articulation and the joints are nice and tight. You can see some of the joints under the tight outfit, but it isn't a big deal. The belt is painted very nicely. The cape is nice too, it is a bolt of cloth that has some weight to it and it comes with a neat contraption that you can use to spread the cape wide open to make glide poses.

I can definitely say the QC did not disappoint. Packaging is awesome as well. The price of around $80 USD shipped is not bad at all for what you get.

While this figure is a must have due to the perfect execution and value, I don't think the figure's head and proportions look too much like the comic book version. I dusted off my copy of TDKR and flipped through every page and didn't see any similarity to any of Frank Miller's drawings. If you think I'm wrong, let me know what page to check out and I will.

This is not to say the figure is not great, it IS great, but it's just a really stylized interpretation of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns Batman. When standing next to Bandai's 1:12 SH Figuarts Injustice Batman, you will know what I mean - this figure almost looks like a cartoon character.

I still love my Medicom TDKR Batman, but between the two, this one is the better value and gets a slightly higher recommendation, but there is DEFINITELY room in your collection for both figures. Medicom's figure has a better looking head sculpt but doesn't have many accessories and the suit and body could be a better. Also, the belt on the Medicom figure is unpainted.
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